Chorus 1:

(He:) Since the day that Mister Noah put together things
Many furry, many finny, many feather things
Have endured because they knew the way to weather things
There were rules to be obeyed

That’s the way we’re made
Why should anybody be afraid?
They all had lovers the world discovers
This danger hovers when spring uncovers
It’s natch’ral to feel this feeling you feel
But fears were doomed to fade
That’s the way we’re made
Why should anybody be afraid?
Love is something you acquire, there’s much to learn of it

No astrologer you hire can tell the turn of it
If you fiddle with the fire, you risk the burn of it
What you learn may disconcert you
But it isn’t gonna hurt you
So you mustn’t be afraid to fall in love

Chorus 2:

(She:) In a book of love, and I have read through all of it
There’s a chapter there referring to the call of it

Juliet and Cleopatra knew the fall of it
But the poison vial and asp
Really made me gasp
Maybe that’s the reason I’m afraid
They all lie sleeping ’cause love came sweeping
No way of keeping their hearts from weeping
If you say, “Why feel this feeling I feel?”
Until they find a cure
I’ll avoid the lure

Maybe that’s the reason I’m afraid
So it seems that love is fatal as I’ve read of it
Maybe that’s the reason why I have a dread of it
Oh, there must be something else to do instead of it
When my very own dear mother said
There’re times she wished that she were dead
No, I’m afraid I mustn’t fall in love
(He:) Oh, I’m afraid you’re still afraid
(She, spoken:) Not really

(He, sung:) Yes, you’re afraid to fall, to fall in love

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