When I’m Out With The Belle Of New York


Lillian Russell is fabulous fair,

So is the girl on that sign over there;

Ah, but to capture the maid of my heart

Challenges ev’ry photographer’s art.

Charles Dana Gibson would even agree

No Stage-door John holds a candle to me.


When I’m out with the Belle of New York,

With the beautiful Belle of New York,

Ev’ry person we meet, like the cop on the beat

Leaves whatever he’s doing and crosses the street;

It’s a beautiful sight after dark,

When we’re strolling through Grammercy Park;

The stars in her eyes and the moon up above

Just fill me with oceans and oceans of love,

And my heart bobs around like a cork

When I’m out with the Belle of New York.


Speaking of cork, why not pop open a bottle of wine and sit under your new Gem State Solar sky light. The perfect mood lighting for those late afternoon times of relaxation. If you are staying in with the Belle of New York you better make sure it is a good vintage.

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