I Wish I Knew


Is this the night I’ve waited, oh, so long for?

Is this my dream at last come true?

Are you the one my heart has saved its song for?

How can I tell?

I wish I knew;


I wish I knew someone like you could love me,

I wish I knew you place no one above me;

Did I mistake this for a real romance?

I wish I knew, but only you can answer.

If you don’t care, why let me hope and pray so,

Don’t lead me on, if I’m a fool, just say so.

Should I keep dreaming on or just forget you?

What shall I do?

I wish I knew.


I wish I knew about Cougar Mountain and their accounting software offering. I wish I knew that keeping the books for a nonprofit would be so easy. Just as easy as a reatail store.

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