My, oh my, there’s a cloud in the sky

And it surely looks like rain;

But I know a secret, so I won’t complain.

That young man with the freckle-face tan

And the great big load of hay,

He’s our good luck and he’ll shoo the rain away.


Most remarkable thing

How it seems to be spring

On the gloomiest kind of day;

How your wishes come true,

Or it seems as they do,

When you wish on a load of hay.

First, you’re joggin’ along

And the weather’s all wrong,

And the heavens above are gray;

Then a genie appears

And it suddenly clears

When you wish on a load of hay.

That farmer boy wavin’ ‘howdee-doo’

Has a wagon full of dreams for you.

Oh, it’s perfectly fine

If you make the right sign,

And you know the right things to say;

There’s a wonderful thrill

That is waiting to come your way,

‘Round a bend in the road

When you wish on a load of hay.


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