Friendly Star

There’s a star for everyone
Brightly shining in the sky
It seems to be a part of our destiny.

Every night I eagerly
Watch them all go twink’ling by
But I can’t seem to find
The one that heaven’s assigned to me.

Friendly star…
Where can you be hiding?
Smile for me from out of the lonely night.

Friendly star…
My fate needs deciding.
How I need the glow of your guiding light.

I know that you are near.
For I am strangely dreaming
And so if you can see me from afar
Won’t you kindly…
Light my way.
Lead me to my lover.
Just point him out and whisper…
“There you are.”
“There you are.”

Then my love you will be.
Standing here close to me.
In your eyes I will see my friendly star.

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