A Nickel’s Worth Of Jive


I’m savin’ up my pennies

To change ‘em into nickels,

I gotta have a nickel for the juke.

I like the beat of Basie,

The bounce of Mister Dorsey,

The blue sophistication of the Duke.

And when Glenn Miller plays

As sure as blazes,

You’re gonna see me go right up in flames,

So, toot your trumpet Mister Gabriel James.

For music I’m a glutton,

I gotta push a button,

I wanna hear ‘The Bow Tie’ sing.

I listen so intently,

Yes, and incident’lly,

I’d love a double order of Bing.

Don’t give me a penny,

Rather not have any,

‘Less you’re gonna give me five,

For I gotta have a nickel

To get a nickel’s worth of jive!


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